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Stardoll username:
Real name:
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Sample of gossip writing: (*see below)
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Blogs you read for daily updates:

*I'd like a sample of gossip writing. So, pretend a Stardoll 'famewhore' (attention seeker a.k.a someone who seeks for notice) has 'left' Stardoll, after leaving eight times. Everyone knows they will return. They have one written  a blog saying horrible things about elites. You may make up the name and everything else, it shouldn't be long, very short and to the point.

If we are interested, you will be contacted, do not pressure the TSI team.


  1. Stardoll username:No1girl123
    Real name:Aoife
    Skype username:Aoife colfer
    Experience: Lots I Write For 3 I Co-Own 1 Of Them Niamh-Stardoll.blogspot.com ( I Co Own) UnderCover-Stardoll.blogspot.com Alex’s Point Of View.blogspot.com
    Sample of writing: So This Famewhore DanceGirl ‘Left Stardoll’ She Claims the Elites Were Picking on Her She Has ‘Left Stardoll 8 Times She Has Made A Blog Trashing The Elites This Girl Is An attention seeker Don’t Pay Attention To Her If I Hear Any More I’ll Update You All!
    Time zone e.g. GMT: 15 Of August 9:46pm (GTM+1:00)
    Blogs you read for daily updates: Perez Hilton Stardoll, Underneath Stardoll, TSI, The Starblog

  2. Stardoll username:Itr15
    Real name:Rosie
    Skype username:itr15-stardoll
    Sample of gossip writing: Once again misstralala has left stardoll and once again we will all ignore her. I mean come on she has "left" stardoll I think 8 times now. She expects everyone to fall at her feet even after she made a blog trashing elites. She says she was bullied by elites even though there is no proof. Anyway everyone knows she will return, so for now xxxxx itr15/Rosie
    Time zone e.g. GMT: GMT
    Blogs you read for daily updates:USD Perez Hilton of stardoll BFM TSI and sometimes stardolls most wanted