Welcome to 'Write for TSI', here you may apply to work at The Stardoll Insiders. Instead of having to hold competitions, you can simply apply here and if we think you have potential then we will contact you. If we are not interested then we won't, it's as simple as that. Please remember to provide the information that is asked for because refusing to do so will decrease your chances of being picked.



  1. Free Clean&Clear Dress and Mirror

    ►Free Clean&Clear Dress and Mirror
    -If you live in UK - You will get the mirror for logging in, for Dress - Click HERE
    You will be redirected to FB page, leave it
    -If you don't live in UK Follow these steps:
    1)Go to UK proxy like
    unblocker.biz/ OR militaryprox.info/ OR uhuf.com OR slygeek.com OR goproxing.com
    2)Paste stardoll link into the blank box of the proxy site
    3)Click Go OR just Hit Enter
    4)Log in stardoll
    5)Now in the proxies URL/Address Paste campaign link
    6)You will be redirected to a Facebook page, Wait till it loads
    7)Leave the proxy, Go to stardoll as usual
    Dress should be in a Clean&Clear bag and Mirror in your suite [:

  2. Real name: Mysti
    Stardoll name: Coolgirl185
    I think you know what I can do :)

  3. Real name: Vanessa
    Stardoll username: dbc202
    I have written for more than 13 blogs in total both Stardoll blogs and un-related Stardoll blogs, I was also offered to write for an official blog a while ago but turn it down. I post everyday except when i'm at camp or on vacation.

  4. Real Name: Anna
    Stardoll name: popelmagazin

    I'm writing for a blog called Stardoll news. It's not really famous, but we're trying our best =)
    Here's a link so you can have a look http://stardoll-news-sdn.blogspot.com/

    I can do screenshots and I know how to make a post =)I'm always posting when there's something new. Hope I'll have a chance =)

    xoxo Anna

  5. Real Name:Niamh
    Stardoll Name:RockchicSuper
    I'm Writing My Own Blog SS-StardollStuff.blogspot.com

  6. Real name: Imogen
    Stardoll: Name
    Experience: lgstardoll.blogspot.com its a small blog but we are working our way up!

  7. Real name:Kaisa
    Stardoll: Sweet-Lips112
    I have my own blog and im wrier in stardoll magazines and blogs! :)

  8. Name: Chloe
    Stardoll User: chloe-99
    Job: Maybe Freebies?
    Underneath Stardoll - I write news and free things
    Stardoll Voice
    My graphics blog
    I used to own a blog that had 60 followers, but I no longer use it :P

  9. My name; Jenelle. ( Jen/ Jennie )
    My stardoll usernames; Indian.Mexican , Princessjenelle
    Job options; Freebies ( i know them all before they are posted, and i used to send the links for freebies to the stardoll exclusives and underneath stardoll before many times) and General updates.
    Experience: i sent some free stuff to Stardoll Exclusives, and Underneath stardoll

  10. My name: Lizzie
    Stardoll user: Ninuca_Anastasi
    Job options; Any thing really,
    Experience: I have worked for Maura-Stardoll.Blogspot.com + I have my own blog named,

    Thanks for reading ;)

  11. Name:Emma
    Stardoll name: emmamoon
    Job: Anything going on
    Experience: Maura Stardoll Training have my owm blog which I no longer use at the moment!
    I would love to write i get on the computer daily and pay attention to many small details love to point out glitches (?) and make points about stardoll related things also I like to write/type about many different things no actual position is needed Thank you, Emma

  12. My Name: Natalie
    Stardoll name: Rockchicsuper
    Job: Writer
    Experience: Stardoll Magazine with my friend (sold like 50 copies and got good reviews)
    I would love to write cause I go on stardoll everyday (if not every second day) and I have a good advice collum so if people need help because of cyberbullying/stardoll related problems with good trust worthy answers


  13. My Name:Delia
    Stardoll name:moylanr
    Job:make up/clothes designer? or free items writer? or maybe hot buys/stores? or advice?
    Experience:i have my own blog with a few followers almost worked for Maura-Stardoll.Blogspot.com (but at the last minute dropped out cause of a family problem!)also i'm on stardoll almost everyday and im royalty and i almost have 1500 star points!

  14. My Name: Milica
    Stardoll nickname: MissMicaGolden
    Job:Real Life writer, fashion adviser,make-up artist, I know a little bit about graphics too but still make-up artist is the thing I would like to become or a real life writer.
    Experience: I have my own blog and I have worked on some projects for other blogs that are not related to stardoll.