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  2. Username: Coolgirl185
    Real Name: Mysti
    Age: 14
    Skype: I still don't have one
    Sample of writing:
    Fathers Day celebrates all fathers in general, children and adults often treat their fathers to gifts and trips out for the day to tell them how special they are.
    Father's day started when fathers, realised it was unfair that mothers had a special day while they did not but a proper fathers day didn't happen until 1906 when 210 people died in a mining accident. Mrs Clayton, who came up with the idea picked a Sunday the 3rd because that was the day her father. The holiday wasn't registered and in the end another women took credit by doing a similar event.
    Time Zone: GMT
    Blogs you read: Tsi and Usd mainly and a few others but as I create my own posts for my own blog I don't always have to.

  3. I forgot this part!
    Experience: The Stardoll Insiders Training blog
    The Stardoll's Goldest (thestardollsgoldest.blogspot.com)
    Stardoll Musings and daydreams ( I don't write here anymore)


  4. Stardoll username: Mimi55519
    Real name: Mia
    Age: 11
    Skype username: mia-chocolateluvr
    Experience: thestardollhandbook.blogspot.com
    Time zone: GMT
    Blogs you read for daily updates: tsi-training Sassy Stardoll Magazine (kkrrbb78stardoll.blogspot.com)

    Fathers day is a celebration, honoring fathers which takes place on the third Sunday of June in most countries. Fathers day was first celebrated on July 5th 1908 and was organised by Grace Golden Clayton.

    Father's day in different countries:

    Russia: February 23rd
    Italy/Spain: March 19th
    Switzerland: First Sunday of June

    Happy Father's Day!